17 Types of Small Parcel Shipping Problems We Solve

Many customers find us looking for ways to cut spend on overnight packages. They discover our reporting is valuable so they stay with us for instance. We present many of the reasons on our list of small parcel shipping problems solved through great reporting.

Can you identify some in your department?

  1. Consolidate Shipping Info.
  2. Get rid of paper.
  3. Create Efficiencies within your accounting system.
  4. Improve the coding of shipments.
  5. Simplify the airbill data.
  6. Use the remit number to pay all invoices with one payment.
  7. Associate one invoice for each. department, cost-center, G/L number, client / case / matter, or location.
  8. Combine all accounts into a single invoice.
  9. Automate data collection for supervisor approvals for payment based on custom parameters.
  10. Identify anomalous shipping requests.
  11. Assign transactions based on reference codes.
  12. Setup automated routines to decipher cost allocation or reference field codes.
  13. Use field lookups from table data to add G/L codes, department codes, product codes.
  14. Create reports of shipments to track elements like product, clients, employees, departments.
  15. Monitor who is doing priority overnight.
  16. Provide custom data services.
  17. Assist in financial reporting.

In addition to the 17 listed above, we realize there may be other reporting items to add to this list because each operations and finance center has unique characteristics.  Workflows vary.  Dependencies are the norm. We welcome your suggestions in the comments.

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