Welcome to Audit Associates

logistics4We are experts in helping business executives manage the costs of shipping with FedEx®. Our customers use Federal Express® and normally receive dependable shipping service, but when they don’t have the results they are promised, they seek a financial remedy. Sometimes, they don’t realize that they can receive credits from FedEx® for late shipments or other missteps that FedEx® might make.

According the the terms of their agreement with FedEx®, our clients most times can make claims for credit. These claims require diligent and methodical auditing activities. This is why they do business with us.

How does using your service help my company?

  • Cuts your cost of FedEx® up to 15%
  • Simplifies your bills from FedEx®
  • Organizes your bills according to your requirements
  • Monitors long term logistics information and trends
  • Liaison with FedEx® for service questions

What makes you different from other logistics consulting companies?

  • We exercise an ongoing process week after week to capture refunds
  • We’ve been working with FedEx® since 1986
  • We use an extensive library of precedents for audit procedures
  • We apply a diplomatic, yet aggressive methodology
  • We maintain a cooperative and healthy relationship with FedEx®
  • We specialize in auditing FedEx® services, and are responsive to all parties involved

What will Audit Associates do for us?

  • Re-adjust your FedEx® bills, so you only pay for what you really owe, not what FedEx® says you need to pay!
  • Eliminate tedious and repetitive A/P work by automating the flow of information in FedEx® bills.
  • Provide you with professional, responsive, friendly customer service.