About Audit Associates

FedEx Bill Audit TeamWe have been in business continually since 1986. Our company was started by Shirley Lustig who owns and maintains control of the assets and final executive decisions. She began the business with a personal hand audit which grew to a staff of 5 auditors by 1992. In 1994 FedEx moved to implement their EDI (electronic data Interchange) program and issued invitation for us to participate which we readily accepted. This allowed automation of our audit and facilitated faster processing time as well as shorter turnaround time to our clients. We are continuing to grow and provide services which consistently save our clients’ money as well as time in their AP departments.

users6Combining experience of over 100 years, the audit team brings talents together from software development, database administration, IT services, office management, sales and marketing.  We stand committed to responsive service to our clients.