Trends in the Supply Chain

Trends shaping the future for Supply Chain Professionals have disruptive impacts and offer advantages for those prepared to capture them. Industry experts Bob Davis, Consultant at SAS, Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, and Bram Desmet, Managing Director at Solventure have taken a survey of SC pros, combined it with their experience, and drawn illustrated conclusions under the following 12 areas.

  1. Survey Challenges and Strengths of Supply Chain Professionals
  2. Supply Chain Tech Spending
  3. Bus Process Outsourcing and SaaS
  4. Supply Chain Organizational Maturity
  5. Benefits of Supply Chain Center of Excellence
  6. Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Supply Chain Effectiveness
  7. The value of Big Data in the Supply Chain
  8. Impact of Natural Disasters on Supply Chain
  9. How to Minimize Risk in Supply Chain
  10. Value of effective Sales and Operations Planning
  11. S&OP Recommendations
  12. Traditional and Digital Approaches Defined

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