Elements of our Audit

Audit Associates manages air waybill discrepancies through an expert staff of professionals.  We develop and test data algorithms, and then we update them.  We use a set of comprehensive workflow tools.  We have a longstanding and harmonious relationship with shipping companies, which translates into quick credit adjustments and refunds for our customers. Here are the items we audit for reduced costs.

  1. late deliveries
  2. packages not delivered
  3. lost packages
  4. no proof of delivery
  5. impossible proof of delivery
  6. duplicate tracking numbers
  7. duplicate charges
  8. questionable charge based on shipment weight
  9. inappropriate dangerous goods charges
  10. incorrect address correction charges
  11. incorrect Saturday service charges
  12. incorrect service type billed
  13. fraudulent use of account
  14. fraudulent shipper or recipient provided by client
  15. not a company bill
  16. parameters provided by client

fields of data

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